Investor Success Stories

Once I decided to venture into US real estate, I began researching my options. Residing in Canada, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t have the time to find and investigate properties myself or the time to manage them. I knew I wanted something that was easy for me to invest in and managed by people I could trust. After 6 months of exhaustive research, I came across DMCC Holdings.

After doing my own research on DMCC, I contacted them and had a few rounds of discussions. I also asked to speak to other clients which they assisted with and I received very positive feedback on the overall experience and performance.

I have now been with DMCC for over 9 months and have had a wonderful experience dealing with them. They have been very professional and have lived up to their commitments. I would recommend DMCC Holdings to anyone looking to get exposure into the US real estate market, particularly in Florida.

Rajesh Jain

I have found DMCC Holdings to be an easy way to invest in the North American commercial property market.  Their helpful and friendly staff make the process simple, assisting with currency conversion and transfers and the navigation through US contracts for the shareholding of the asset. 

From what I have seen so far, DMCC seems to be a well-managed company who have considered what investors will find difficult and found ways to make it easier. It’s great to have a steady pre-tax 7% return and I look toward to have annualized double digit returns at the end of the investment.

Jonathan Prizeman

My wife and I have been a client of DMCC for almost 5 years, when first introduced to a residential Condo investment opportunity in Mississauga, Canada. Having seen great returns on our initial investment and confidence in their ability to execute the opportunities presented thereafter, we have managed to enjoy some lucrative investments and returns which would otherwise have been difficult to come by.

The drive and ambition of the executive team is second to none, with trust and professionalism portrayed throughout DMCC. Our monthly returns are always delivered on time, without ever chasing, and timely informed of project progress at each stage.

I have no hesitation in recommending DMCC to potential investors… to date they have stuck with their message “Partners in Wealth Creation”.

Satpal Chana

I have been an investor with DMCC since 2012 and I have invested with them in the US. I have invested in both residential and commercial properties with DMCC and have condos in Orlando, Florida and partial ownership of a hotel in Georgia.

Overall I have been very satisfied with my investments as it has been a great return with minimal effort on my part. DMCC has guided me through all the hurdles of owning property in the US with help and support for the setup of a corporation, referral to a US based accountant for tax purposes and opening of a US based bank account.

DMCC has also provided great customer service with a quarterly review of my holdings and quick deposits of all rental income. Any questions or concerns I have had have been dealt with quickly and effectively by all levels of management at DMCC.

Nav Sunner

I have been working with DMCC for about 5 years now. DMCC consistently demonstrates expertise in managing and implementing commercial real estate development projects.

Their dedication to providing quality investment opportunities to investors is superb and at all times keep the interests of their investors as their top priority. DMCC has delivered on its promises to date, and the quality of my investment is excellent.

Raj Katyal

In 2012, I decided to take advantage of depressed real estate prices in Florida. However, I was unsure how to proceed. Being a Canadian who had never purchased property in the US, I did not want the stress of managing the properties myself, nor did I understand the local market.

After researching the options, which included doing it all myself, or working with a local agent, I found DMCC Holdings. What DMCC offered was exactly what I was looking for – a fully managed approach. They provided the expertise to find great investment condo opportunities that returned an immediate 8-10% cash return, they identified the right communities to invest in with well managed Home Owners Associations, they ensured the property was already rented with long-term tenants, and they made the closing process easy. Essentially, they took care of everything and now they manage the properties for me at a reasonable management fee rate.

Every quarter, I receive a direct deposit in my bank account with a full accounting of rental revenue and expenses. I trusted DMCC with my US property investment decisions and it has paid off.

Aby Alameddine