Performance Fund 2

Status: Active as of June 2020

Fund Overview

  • The purpose of the fund is to acquire a portfolio of commercial real estate assets consisting of office, retail, and medical properties in Central Florida and surrounding areas.
  • 5-year investment horizon, targeting 15% annualized returns.
  • Strong projected annual returns in addition to capital appreciation.
  • Targeting a portfolio of income-generating commercial real estate assets consisting of medical, retail, and office properties in Central Florida and surrounding areas.
  • Financial oversight provided by regulatory bodies such as OSC and SEC.

Target Market & Portfolio

Properties to be acquired in and around the Central Florida area, including Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and New Port Richey. All assets are serviced in house, through our decades of property management experience and infrastructure at our office in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Sample Properties

  • Asset Class: Medical Building
  • Location: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Property Size: 15,979 SF
  • Purchase Date: March 2016
  • Asset Class: Retail Building
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Property Size: 10,095 SF
  • Purchase Date: October 2017
  • Asset Class: Office Building
  • Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
  • Property Size: 17,000 SF
  • Purchase Date: February 2015

The above properties are from DMCC Performance Fund 1 and are being used for illustration purposes only.

Investment Details

Issuer DMCC Performance 2, Trust
Fund Type US Dollar Trust
Offering Structure Mutual Fund Trust Units
Minimum Investment $5000 (50 Units)
Fundserv Code DMC301
Transfer Agent Computershare Investor Services Inc.
Canadian Placement Agent Meadowbank Asset Management Inc.
Investment Type Cash/Unregistered or Registered
Cash Flow 7% Y1-Y5 Dividend (paid quarterly)
Profit Sharing Up to 40% uplift on principal investment at Y5 end
Redemptions Investors may redeem units at anytime, subject to certain restrictions as set out in the Offering Memorandum
Please note that the above should be read in conjunction with the Offering Memorandum which can be obtained by contacting us through the form below.

Tax Sheltered

We take pride in providing investment solutions for all types of investors. Our offerings are 100% RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, IRA, LIRA, and 401K eligible. No U.S. Tax Filing required for Canadian Residents.

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