Our Approach

At DMCC, we take a strategic approach to investing in commercial real estate.
This involves regional and economic research, conducting due diligence for each property, accurate valuation, and ongoing efforts to increase property value.

Step 1: Regional and Economic Research

Economic Outlook

    • Evaluate the area’s economic forecast
      and potential for growth

Real Estate Outlook

  • Assess real estate trends in the area
    to determine investment potential

Step 2: Property Due Diligence

Physical Assessment

  • Evaluate the physical condition of the property

Tenant Assessment

  • Identify and assess the current tenants of the property

Step 3: Opportunity and Valuation


When are leases up for renewal, and can rents be increased to reflect current market demand?


What is the current zoning of the property and is there potential
for re-zoning to unlock value?


What upgrades can be done to increase the value of the property?

Step 4: Ongoing Efforts to Increase Value

  • Lease negotiations with existing tenants
  • Careful selection of new tenants
  • Re-zoning to achieve the best returns

Discover an unparalleled opportunity to invest in U.S. commercial real estate.
IRA, LIRA, 401K, RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA eligible.