Management Team

Led by an experienced management team with over 60 years of collective experience, we identify, develop, and invest in undervalued real estate assets in recovering markets.

A Passion for Real Estate

DMCC was founded by two dynamic entrepreneurs, Narinder Seehra and Sunny Matharoo, with a common mission in mind: that of creating financial security for investors through strategic partnerships and successful business models.

Since 2005, our experienced management team established a mandate to identify and acquire real estate assets that have the potential to unlock value and that are best positioned to benefit from economic circumstances.

Our continued success has been delivered through a company culture that thrives from passion while balanced with integrity and timely execution.

Narinder Seehra

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

With over 20 years of corporate, business development, and financial accounting experience, Narinder has been involved with private placements, management buy-outs, restructuring and reorganizing of private and public companies in a multitude of industries ranging from healthcare, IT, real estate, insurance and publishing.

Prior to DMCC, Narinder accumulated a wealth of real estate experience starting in 1995 in London, England, and continued his investment strategy upon arriving to Canada in 2003. Founding MSR Holdings Inc. and then DMCC with his partners was a strategic decision that allowed him to combine his experience with his passion for real estate.

Narinder is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a graduate of Huddersfield University in England, holding a Bachelor of Honors degree in Accounting Studies.

In his spare time, he teaches the Japanese Martial Art of Ki Aikido as a non profit organisation, which he has been practicing for over 22 years.

Sunny Matharoo

President & COO and Co-Founder

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate and technology sectors, Sunny was involved in a variety of leadership roles within several blue chip companies including strategic marketing, operational management, technology development, as well as mergers & acquisitions.

Sunny graduated from London University with a Degree in Engineering, followed by an MBA in which he specialized in the strategic and operational management of technology systems. He achieved member status with several professional institutions, including: the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the British Computer Society, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Sunny was directly involved with some of the biggest technology infrastructure projects in Europe and provided input to the world’s biggest global technology standards bodies.

Larry Heath

Vice President, Operations of DMCC Holdings Inc.

He is based out of Florida and leads all US Operations, playing an instrumental role in DMCC’s flagship portfolio. With a combined 20 years of experience in real estate and law enforcement, Larry’s depth and breadth of experience gives him the foundation to successfully build, drive and manage a multi-million dollar operation.

Larry’s initial real estate experience came early on, through his family’s real estate brokerage in Phoenix, Arizona where he spent many years learning the dynamics of the real estate industry both in the commercial and residential sector. Larry continued to support the family real estate brokerage while pursuing a highly respected and successful career in law enforcement.

Driven by his passion for real estate, Larry retired from law enforcement in 2013 after nearly a decade of service to pursue his long-term passion on a full time basis. Larry’s belief in continuous learning, combined with his discipline skills from law enforcement, led him to return to school. He is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from South Western University and is scheduled to graduate next year. Larry values hard work, discipline, integrity, and believes in applying positive energy in all aspects of his home and work life.